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Latest Research on Trauma Release with Dr. Robert Scaer

Renowned traumatologist and author, Dr. Robert Scaer, joins TapFest for an evening of latest revelations and developments in the successful treatment and release of Trauma.  His new book, for the lay person, is coming out this Summer, but you’ll have the jump on the newest and latest on TapFest. This is not only about a …Read More

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Tapping Into Success – Free EFT Event with Jack Canfield

Don’t miss this very special free online EFT training with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and EFT Expert and Success Coach, Pamela Bruner. The live broadcast is happening on Monday! If you are busy on Monday and can’t watch the live broadcast, make sure you register anyway because they will send you the replay times so …Read More

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Childhood Pain Seen Through the Lens of the Akashic Records

Have you ever wondered what the higher purpose of your childhood pain may be? Could this spiritual perspective perhaps hold the key to the success of your mastery? Join me to learn more about the power which awaits you when you dare to look at your childhood issues through the eyes of your soul. This …Read More

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What’s Involved in Being a Medical Intuitive?

If you are interested in helping people or yourself get healthy the natural way, then this episode of Tap Into Your Healthy Self is for you. You can learn how to heighten your intuition, listen to what your body is telling you and get information that will allow your body to heal itself. You can also become …Read More

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Do EFT Tapping with Jack Canfield – Ultimate Success Live Event

Don’t miss this very special free EFT event with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and EFT Expert and Success Coach, Pamela Bruner. You can download the pdf handout for the training and reserve your free seat here: Do you sometimes feel like there’s always something stopping you from achieving your goals (no …Read More

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Engaging Your Body’s Wisdom

Your body talks to you. When you listen to your body, you begin to find information. Yet, we often ignore these important messages, which are there to help us through the times in which we struggle. In this episode of Million Dollar Mindset Tapping, transformational speaker and author, Eileen Dunn joins Marla Tabaka to teach …Read More

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EFT for Improving Your Body Image

If your body was your ‘significant other’…would you be in counseling? Are you tired of hating your body? If you have negative feelings, anger, frustration…about your body, you are fighting with yourself. Listen in to learn how to use EFT tapping to befriend and nurture your body. Carol will be sharing the exercises she uses …Read More

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French EFT Congress – Free Online Event

Parlez-vous français? Do you remember the Tapping World Summit in February 2011, when a selection of top EFT experts presented expanded ways to use EFT, to listeners all over the world?  If you happen to speak French, I’m delighted to share a similar event with you, which will take place from March 29th through April …Read More

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Feed Your Brain – Heal Your Body, Heart and Soul!

Today we continue this month’s theme on “Healing the Mind,”so you can reprogram the beliefs from your past and live a more peaceful and fulfilled life!   One of the most important ways to address this is by feeding the brain what it needs to adequately cue the body in its own, innate healing process. Tune …Read More

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EFT for Letting Go of the Past

Are you holding on, fearful of letting go and moving forward? Do you worry about not being ‘perfect’, or of making a mess of things? Feeling safe enough to let go of what no longer serves you creates a space for new possibilities and new opportunities. Annabel’s guest, Colon Hydrotherapist, Sofia Reis, believes colonics are …Read More

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