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EFT Tapping for Shining Like a Star!

Are you afraid to allow yourself to shine in life and business? Unwilling to talk yourself up and be seen as the expert that you are? If you are unwilling to step into the limelight then it’s most likely that your business will also remain in the dark. How can you succeed? Join your host, […]

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Sustain Joy, Peace and Abundance with Higher Brain Living!

Do you have peak moments you are unable to sustain? Goals you can not quite accomplish? Do you sometimes feel that even after all of that time you have spent attending those endless workshops; and the countless dollars you’ve spent on session after session;  let alone the many books, CD’s and DVD’s you have purchased searching for […]

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Optimisez votre créativité grâce à l’EFT

Selon la médecine chinoise, nous sommes déjà dans la saison du printemps  (sans vouloir froisser ceux qui sont aux sports d’hiver…) Le printemps est caractérisé par l’énergie du bois, qui représente le renouvellement de la vie et la créativité. Je vous propose dans cette émission de stimuler votre créativité grâce à l’EFT, et aussi des […]

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EFT Weight Loss – Increasing Willpower

Feeling overwhelmed with temptation? You aren’t alone. “Not enough willpower” is the single biggest reason cited for not being able to lose weight. So if you think you don’t have enough willpower, you aren’t alone. And indeed most major problems result from failures of self-control – compulsive eating, drinking, gambling, spending, unhealthy diets, lack of […]

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How Being Silly Can Heal You and Others

The sillier you are, the faster you’ll recover from whatever ails you; a pain, a heartbreak, a illness, a sadness. Learn the true meaning of silly Being silly brings out the best in you and you know it.  When was the last time you were silly and really felt it? When beginners first try Qigong […]

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Heart-Centered Living Gets Eclipsed By Cognitive Gridlock?

Do you feel … Overwhelmed by the choices in your life? Haunted by the false beliefs “downloaded” from childhood? Challenged by the complexities and obstacles presented in today’s world? Fearful of trusting yourself so you put your faith in others to choose for you? Last week Cathryn talked with Gregg Braden about the false assumptions […]

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