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Wellness Revolution 2012

The Wellness Revolution 2012 is a free global telesummit – a gathering of 28 of the world’s leading intuitive doctors, visionary healers and authors in the Integrative Medicine and “whole-life healing” movement. Whole-life healing combines modern western medicine with intuitive and spiritual healing practices for incredibly powerful new ways to treat disease and address emotional and spiritual issues to maintain […]

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Manifest the Now by Blending EFT with Qigong

Blending EFT and Qigong to manifest the present moment so all things are possible is the way to happiness. Qigong is about living and accepting the moment and EFT is about clearing the past through acceptance to make that moment more abundant. Blending EFT with Qigong accomplishes two major things; your energetic pathways open up […]

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Talking with Kids About their Emotions

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a conversation with your kids about their feelings, or wanted to do a better job of it, you’re in the right place. I’ve asked Gene Monterastelli to bring us terrific strategies, ideas and useful vocabulary that can make all the difference. Gene Monterastelli returns to TappingStar with his signature, […]

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EFT pour les Enfants

Peur, colère, jalousie, injustice, incompréhension… Etre un enfant n’est pas toujours facile ! Heureusement, l’EFT peut apporter l’harmonie à partir du plus jeune âge ! Notre invitée cette semaine, Françoise Vaché, nous présente quelques différentes façons d’approcher les enfants avec cet outil, que ce soit les nôtres ou ceux que nous rencontrons dans notre pratique professionnelle […]

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