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Gagnez du temps grâce à l’EFT!

Tant de choses à faire, et si peu de temps…  Qui n’a pas l’impression de manquer de temps? Le rythme semble s’accélérer, tiens, voilà déjà encore une année qui est pratiquement finie!  Bientôt les bonnes résolutions du nouvel an… Comme : prendre le temps pour MOI, passer plus de temps avec ma famille, m’organiser mieux […]

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I Wouldn’t Be Without EFT

Join Alina Frank on Love Tap today when she speaks with Sherrie Lee Creech about her experiences with EFT. EFT has been a major player in the healing of Sherrie Lee Creech’s life. It was true in her divorce and continues to be true in her second marriage. EFT has assisted her be able to  shift her […]

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The Healing of America on TapScoop Radio

Join TapScoop Radio Host Lillian Fimbres and her special guest for something unique as they look into what’s going on.  Occupy Wall Street isn’t about the poor vs. the rich. As movements go the OWS movement has the power to radically alter how we view each other and how we take responsibility as human beings.  Do […]

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EFT Success for Veterans PTSD

Join us for a Veterans’ Day wrap-up as we look towards the future. Recapping and celebrating events around the world on 11-11, we applaud the highways and by-ways  where energy medicine and energy psychology, like EFT, is being heard, embraced and used to great effect – healing and restoration!  And we spotlight in particular the […]

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EFT and Enneagram

Join EFTU and Matrix Reimprinting trainer and practitioner Alina Frank as she shares her insights on the Enneagram. The Enneagram can be taken at face value as a personality system used by corporations, such as Boeing and Microsoft,  to assist employers find their employees strengths and weakness. A person with an ability to connect people […]

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Conscious Self-Empowerment

So, how does one achieve this state of being when we are often burdened by feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness? Limiting beliefs and negative energetic patterns acquired throughout our lifetime are what stand in the way of empowerment. Deborah will share some of the research conducted by David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, who determined the […]

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