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Healing with the Masters – Vol. 8

One of the most celebrated teleseminars series is giving away money – $6000 cash PLUS a fully loaded MacBook Pro laptop computer, AND an iPad 2 – just for listening! Now that sounds like fun! So many are feeling the clarion call to their deepest selves, especially as we enter 2012. The remarkable indicators of […]

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Je ne sais pas me vendre!

EFT à l’Antenne est la première émission sur EFT Radio Online en français. Vous y découvrirez des approches et utilisations originales de l’EFT, et vous aurez maintes occasions de vous joindre à nous en direct pour tapoter autour de sujets divers et variés. Maria Annell, votre hôtesse, s’adressera aux “entrepreneurs de coeur”: dépasser les blocages […]

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Matrix Birth Reimprinting

With Matrix Birth Reimprinting, you can go back to the womb and reimprint your birth experience, which will change your energy levels, mood and well-being in the present. Many of us do not realize how important our birth process is to the development of our beliefs and perceptions of the world. In this episode of Tap […]

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Take Your Power Back with EFT

We have many sources of stronger, higher energy to draw upon during times of stress. You can take your power back, rather than give it away to fear and paralyzing thought. Learn more about the powerful Emotional Freedom Techniques and how they can help!

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Why Are You Sick? MetaMedicine and EFT with Richard Flook

TapFest welcomes Richard Flook, author of Why Am I Sick? – What’s Really Wrong and How You Can Solve It Using META-Medicine®. A pioneer of accelerated and advanced learning techniques, he’s one of the world’s most skilled practitioners of META-Medicine and NLP. Richard felt a deep compulsion to find an answers to why disease strikes people […]

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