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The Annual Canadian EFT Gathering

For all EFT Enthusiasts (Practitioners and non-Practitioners) who want to advance tapping skills, gain clarity around how to use EFT on a diverse range of issues, network, and feel supported in a growing EFT community. You will learn from experienced and professional EFT Practitioners and Trainers at this weekend event through presentations and demonstrations. Come […]

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Surrogate Tapping on Animals (and Humans, too)

Come learn about Animaleze, a method that helps animals overcome emotional issues as well as facilitate faster healing from physical problems that are not resolving themselves with traditional veterinary care. Animaleze was created by converting EFT into a format that can be applied on any animal for any issue, specifically as surrogate tapping. This means […]

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The BeliefCloset Process on Love Tap

Beliefs operate in the background, from the subconscious, and create all of our experiences, good or bad especially when it comes to relationships. They function as a colored lens in front of our eyes, filtering the world, and also like tiny reality-creating machines, drawing experiences to us. You can learn to change your beliefs, and […]

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Tap into Your Foundation of Power

Claim the Foundation of Your Power! You are invited to attend this free teleclass with Margaret Lynch that will help you uncover the power, presence and miracle of your 1st Chakra! Your physical body is the primary element of your first chakra, the foundation of all that you are. When the first chakra is healthy, […]

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Till Shilling: Tapping, Kids & Schools - Part 2

Till Shilling: Tapping, Kids & Schools – Part 2

TappingStar catches up with Till Shilling, fresh from his ‘world tour’, bringing EFT to school kids in South America and beyond.  The father of TappyBear (a cuddly toy bear with special buttons showing the EFT tapping points), Till’s known by many children and parents for this tapping toy. His newest incarnation finds him rising to […]

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Lynne McTaggart on TapFest: The Will to Connect

TapFest welcomes celebrated journalist and author of The Field and The Intention Experiment, Lynne McTaggart. TapFest was born from an intention to unite the global community in its desire for positive change. Who better to speak to the ‘Big Picture’, than Lynne?! Fresh from the introduction of her hugely popular Fairness Campaign Speaker Summit that […]

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Taming Your Inner-Bully with EFT

Self-bullying is one of the most negative, destructive behaviors that we can engage in, yet it’s not all that uncommon. In this show with life coach and EFT expert, Marla Tabaka, you will evaluate your thinking, ask important questions of yourself and learn what to do about it if you get answers that you don’t […]

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The Genie In Your Genes

Did you know there are over 100 genes in your body that are activated by your thoughts, feelings and experiences? Those genes dramatically affect your immune system and your resistance to disease, and can be turned on or off deliberately through thoughts, emotional responses, and experiences that you can choose. In this episode of Tap Into […]

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Pain Relief World Summit Event

If you or someone you love is in any sort of physical pain, either chronic or acute, then you must watch this video and find out about this free resource! The reality of physical pain, is either you have it or someone you love, a family member, friend or co-worker has it. Whether it’s migraine […]

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