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How to Get Better Results with EFT Tapping

You’ve been hearing all these amazing stories about the results people get with using EFT Tapping. Maybe you’re wondering “will it work for me?” and “are all those stories really true?” When you hear miraculous stories of healing and personal change, you can’t help but ask “Does EFT tapping always work, for everyone?” And the […]

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Manifesting Through the Chakras

Do you ever feel like your life is harder than it needs to be?  That manifesting your true calling is not generating enough money, traction or momentum? In this free teleseminar, you’ll learn about aligning your creative power with the divine blueprint within you – the step-by-step process by which Spirit creates through us. By […]

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Get Paid for Doing What You Love

Would you like to get paid to do what you love doing?Just about everyone you ask that question to says “yes”, but the question they ask right after is, “How? This is your chance to get some clear guidance on how to get off the treadmill and make the transition to getting paid to do […]

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Become Magnetic to Your Soul Mate

How to Release the Hidden Barriers to Love and Become Magnetic to Your Soul Mate A very special free teleseminar with national bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT and acclaimed transformative educator Claire Zammit, Phd(c) Saturday, August 20th, 10:00am PT Listen live by phone or online, or download the recording any time. Register here: […]

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VIDEO: Sarah’s Food Craving is Gone

Food cravings will derail the best diet and weight loss intentions. You’ve heard that EFT Tapping works incredibly well on eliminating food cravings.  But have you given it a try for yourself? Here’s your chance. In this new live demonstration video, EFT Master Carol Look helps Sarah quickly be free from an overpowering food craving. […]

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