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Video: Have You Taken a Vow of Invisibility?


Let me tell you the story of Keri. Keri Ranson was a school bus driver. She was a single mom with no college degree, and with one drive…to support her two small children. Keri went back to school and then dove into corporate America, where she had quite a bit of success. She eventually got …Read More

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“Being a Man” – Release Your Limiting Beliefs to become Authentically Who You Are

Most men were programmed at a young age with their parents’ “codes” – the ones they believed led to success in that era. One standard model was the super-strong, unemotional, self-sufficient, macho man. The problem is, many of those old beliefs don’t work for who men really are, and it’s led many of us to …Read More

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Is Life Fair? Science Answers in this Fascinating Teleseminar

I’m greatly enjoying listening to this very interesting and unique free training by Lynn McTaggart. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. It’s happening right now and you need to be quick not to miss the first few lessons…well worth the time! It’s called The Bond Teleclass and Fairness Campaign Summit Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, …Read More

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Healing the Inner Child

When we identify and work with childhood memories and hurts there is a part of us that may feel very vulnerable and insecure. In this episode of Million Dollar Mindset Tapping, your host, EFT expert Marla Tabaka, will share some of her experiences with individuals who have talked about feeling “empty” or “sad” – even …Read More

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7 Levels of Wealth – New Tap Along Video

This is a special treat! Margaret Lynch has a fantastic (and free) new 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation tapping exercise and case study for you.Watch this excellent video where Margaret leads you in a special tapping session to clear your negative “wealth vows” from your chakras. Sounds different…and it is! Watch the video by clicking …Read More

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Removing Blocks to Intimacy Part 2

Love Tap host Alina Frank will be helping you identify the various blocks that singles and couples have to creating the romantic relationship of their dreams. Tap along with the volunteer in this first part of a series of shows devoted to this topic.  By listening to this audio you agree to this disclaimer. Alina …Read More

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Slow Down Your Tennis Game; Gain Quick Hands and Light Feet!

Does the speed and pace of the game feel too fast for you sometimes? Do you have trouble seeing the ball because it looks so small and fast? Do you find your body tensing and tightening when you’re not in sync with your opponent’s pace? Are your hands slow? Do you miss the ball or …Read More

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Recovering the Teen that was so Different

No matter where you’re at in your own personal growth, whether you’re part of the LGBT community or not, we all can benefit from clearing the negative memories brought on from the teen years so we can recover emotionally, spiritually, and physically as adults. Any person reading this who has ever grown up knowing they …Read More

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Empowering Kids to Deal With Serious Illness

Do you know how to talk about the ‘tough stuff’ with your kids?  The life-and-death-rubber-meets-the-road stuff? TapFest rides again, this time down in Mexico when we re-visit Deborah Miller, our favorite EFT practitioner in Oaxaca.  We’ve convinced her to take a break from her pediatric oncology work there, where she teaches seriously ill children, families …Read More

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The Everything is Energy World Summit

Is this the key to understanding life?Everything Is Energy.Scientists, like Einstein, have known this for decades, but until recently we haven’t known how to use this fact to transform our finances, careers, relationships, health, or any other area of our life. However, this idea is about to hit the mainstream…big time! Free registration for the …Read More

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