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Dawson Church on the Science Behind EFT

Join Alina (host of Love Tap and certified EFTU trainer) as she has a personal and informative conversation with lecturer, researcher, author, and mind-body authority Dawson Church. Learn what’s happening the EFT world in terms of research studies with Dawson Church, Ph.D. Alina Frank host of Love Tap and EFT Universe Trainer will speak with […]

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Tapping with Kids

Angie Muccillo is our guest expert on TappingStar. Join us for DownUnder author Angie’s modern classic book, Tapping for Kids.  We’ll talk about how this ‘healing highrise” works, both for kids and for teacher, staff or parents working with their children; when to use what, and lessons learned. Find out how Angie deals with different […]

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EFT and Qigong with Roger Jahnke

Learn about the relationship between the ancient Chinese healing art called Qigong and the current healing energy modalities we use today. Learn and understand why we tap where we tap. Join Lillian Fimbres and Jondi Whitis for a special show with Dr. Roger Jahnke the co-founder of the National Qigong Association, the founder and director […]

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The Power of Will and EFT Tapping with Brad Yates

In this Million Dollar Mindset Tapping broadcast, your EFT Tapping host, Marla Tabaka will speak with EFT Expert, Brad Yates about how we can tap into the power of will to find ourselves in a happier, healthier, more abundant life. When things aren’t quite going your way, or life has handed you an unexpected challenge, it may be […]

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Genetics and Conscious Conception: Is There a Connection?

In this episode of Tap Into Your Healthy Self, Annabel will be talking to geneticist turned epigeneticist, Charan Surdhar. They’ll discuss the important work she did as a geneticist and how, as a result of personal struggles, she became interested in the mind-body-soul connection. They’ll discuss what happens when there are inherited conditions in the […]

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Body Image, Intimacy, and EFT

Your ability to love freely on a physical level depends on how free you are with your thoughts especially those that pertain to what you think of your body. Join Alina Frank host of Love Tap, for ways to apply EFT to your body image.   By listening to this audio you agree to this disclaimer. […]

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