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Attracting Your Greatest Desires

Do you know what your greatest dream is? Can you make it come true? Sure you can.  In this show your host, Marla Tabaka, is going to introduce you to some powerful methods and exercises to identify your passion AND make your dreams come true. Your thought creates your reality – what are you thinking? […]

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Tapping Q and A with Gene Monterastelli

Tapping/EFT can be learned in a few minutes but takes a life-time to master. It is such a fixable tool that it can be joined with many other modalities and techniques. Twice a month Gene Monterastelli (and his collection of guests) will answer the most common (and uncommon) questions about using tapping for both physical […]

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The Power of Gratitude Tapping

Gratitude – such a simple concept, reflected in simple acts. Yet, we underestimate its power. Expressing gratitude can brighten a day – or change a life. On this show I will share the story of how the simple act of Gratitude Journaling changed my life. We will tap on releasing the energies that keep us […]

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EFT Weight Loss – Hypnosis For Habit Change

Do you wish you could just change a few bad habits and everything would be easier? Do you keep doing the same self-sabotaging behaviors over and over again? Habits can be tricky to deal with. Some habits are helpful, but others are unwanted and unhelpful. But they can also be so difficult to change! Sometimes […]

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Transformational Divorce with EFT on Love Tap

Getting divorce, or breaking up, isn’t just painful; it’s also a powerful opportunity to really change your life. Using EFT we let go of the pain and heart break, but we can also release the energetic patterns that attract less-than-ideal partners. Ultimately we want to get to a whole new level with our relationships—a healthier, […]

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Finding Your Voice with EFT

Is it hard for you to say ‘no’? Do you find yourself compromising your needs in order to keep others happy? For whatever reason, sometimes it’s easier, and much more comfortable, to compromise ourselves – and end up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or even manipulated – than it is to establish what is beneficial and healthy […]

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