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The Energetics of Parents and Children on Love Tap with Alina

Bonnie Thompson, mother of four, homeschooler, and energy practitioner shares her insights on using EFT. On Love Tap today Alina interviews Bonnie on how children’s energy fields differ from an adult’s and how that affects our relationships and our use of EFT. You’ll learn about family energy dynamics and how children of varying ages experience their world. Bonnie […]

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EFT Tapping for Parents and Teachers

Are you dealing with creative, high-achieving children? Shakti is an expert and brings her lifetime of experience to the show.  Her daughter literally ran away from home to join a circus and became a highly successful performer.  She has great insights for teachers and parents who have similar and related situations!  We’ll discuss energy work […]

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EFT for Vets and Families

TapFest celebrates Veterans Day this year with VietNam war veteran Tom Porpiglia, who’s not only got a great website for veterans, Life Script Counseling, but he’s also a participant and webmaster of the  He’s seen a lot, tried a lot of approaches, and is here to describe his own journey, as both receiver and practitioner, […]

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What’s Your Vision?

There’s a saying that a people without a vision will perish. How about a person without a vision? We interviewed success coach Kate Beeders on our blogtalk radio show on “How to Create a Vision of What You Want with EFT.” Here are some of the insights we shared on this all-important topic: * If […]

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