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Following Your Intuition with EFT

A big success key is to follow your inner guidance. You probably have a sense of your inner soulful promptings. Let’s examine how to follow that all-important guidance you are receiving. Why is it hard sometimes to follow your guidance, however strong it may be? Much of the answer comes from our programming. This programming, …Read More

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EFT AND KIDS: TappingStar Presents New Information and Methods Kids Will Love

Want to be inspired about tapping with kids? Tune in to find out what’s new and what’s working and hear from Eric Huurre, film producer and founder of eft4Kids, share the excitement of his new global project based on seeing kids tapping around the world.  By listening to this audio you agree to this disclaimer. TappingStar …Read More

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Boost Your Mental Rehearsal with Tapping

Are you aware of the value that mental rehearsal can have on your performance? Are you an injured athlete who is worried that you’re losing your performance edge because of lack of practice due to your injury? Are you limited in practicing for your sport because of school or other commitments? Mental rehearsal is a …Read More

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Fear of Conflict, Learning to Speak Your Truth

Do you run from situations that may end up in conflict? Does contact with your family members, boss, or authority figures cause stress that makes you feel “less than,” angry or sad? Do you have a fear of speaking your truth or find yourself feeling defensive when you do? There are many reasons for the …Read More

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3 Keys to Attracting Your Soulmate (for women only)

Do you want to find your true soulmate – a best friend, a loving partner…someone to share your journey of spiritual growth and self-development? Join us for a free teleseminar with national bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT & Master Transformative Educator Claire Zammit, Phd(c) Calling in ‘The One’ – How to release your …Read More

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EFT Weight Loss – Z Point For Weight Loss

Find out more about ZPoint and EFT For Weight Loss as I interview Grant Connolly, creator of Z Point. What is Z Point, and how can it help you with weight loss? Z Point is an incredibly simple yet powerful tool, designed to release the very feelings that hold you back from achieving anything you …Read More

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Manifestation Wheel: Combining Native American Medicine Wheel with EFT

When your soul and ego are in alignment miracles can happen and do. Alina Frank and Dr. Craig Weiner have been teaching this material to sold out live groups. Come learn what are the absolute keys to solving the puzzling often perplexing question of “Why haven’t I manifested what I desire so much?” It’s easier …Read More

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Kick Start Your EFT Practice

You’ve practiced EFT. You’ve bought DVDs. You’ve taken a workshop (or 2, or 3, or 20). Perhaps you are already chugging along in a small practice not really knowing how you can make this a full-time career. Want to have so many clients you can pick and choose who you wish to work with? Want …Read More

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You and Your Money


What comes up for you when you think of money? Do you want to know how to raise your vibration about money so you can have all the resources you want to live a great life and make a difference? Does “abundance” and “prosperity” get you excited, but thinking about money deflate you? Then read …Read More

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Add Power to EFT with WHEE

Would you like to take your energy psychology skills to a whole new level? On our next show you will learn about an intriguing healing process that may change the way you practice EFT forever! Daniel J. Benor, MD, is a wholistic psychiatric psychotherapist who blends elements of intuitive and spiritual awareness, spiritual healing (as …Read More

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