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Using EFT With Musicians And Performing Artists

I’m so happy to welcome my guest Bernadette Hunter, M.S. to talk about her work with musicians and performing artists using EFT! Bernadette is an exceptional therapist and EFT practitioner specializing in peak performance. She works with performing artists and athletes to remove obstacles to mastering their inner game. Are you a performing artist who …Read More

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EFT Weight Loss – Emotional Overeating

Do you reach for food to soothe emotions and fatigue? Are you frustrated and discouraged in your weight loss efforts? Why “eat less and exercise more” isn’t the best advice. Why tapping works for emotional eating and stress, and how to use tapping to recover from emotional upsets more quickly. If you use tapping for …Read More

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Women Are The True Holy Grail on Love Tap

Today on Love Tap Alina interviews Michael Schuessler. Michael is an artist, photographer, Sexuality Life Coach and the Author of the Top selling book, “The Holy G-rail”. (G-spot, R-relating, A-anatomy, I-into, L-lovemaking). He believes all women are The Holy Grail and should be treated as such. The Holy G-rail shows the dualities between the fabled …Read More

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Tapping Q and A with Gene Monterastelli

Tapping/EFT can be learned in a few minutes but takes a life-time to master. It is such a fixable tool that it can be joined with many other modalities and techniques. Twice a month Gene Monterastelli (and his collection of guests) will answer the most common (and uncommon) questions about using tapping for both physical …Read More

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Your Soreness May Not Be What You Think It Is

As an athlete you’re conditioned to think about a sore part of your body in a particular way. You go to bed one night and your body is feeling perfectly fine…you wake up in the morning with a sore knee and your first thought is to search for what you physically did yesterday that made …Read More

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Improve Your Sports Performance In Just Minutes A Day

Have you been using affirmations to improve your performance? Have you found using affirmations to be a hit or miss experience in producing results? Do you use affirmations for a while and then just give up because of frustration or lack of results? I’ve watched athletes experience mixed results using affirmations to improve sports performance. …Read More

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Releasing the Grief of Life Events with EFT Tapping

Grief is not exclusive to the death experience. We carry grief with us from all types of life experiences; we just don’t always label it as grief. Neglecting to acknowledge the depth of emotion related to whatever loss or disappointment has occurred in our life can contribute to the writing on our walls, resulting in …Read More

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This has Changed 1000s of People’s Lives

I want to introduce you to one of the largest and most powerful healing events on the internet. It happens twice a year and is free! It’s helping hundreds of thousands of people to re-discover who they are and what they came here to do. Join this free consciousness event of  Healing with the Masters …Read More

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Health, Relationships, and Money! We’ve Got It Covered at the 1st Annual Canada Tappers Gathering

Join top tappers and successful EFT practitioners Annabel Fisher on the inner saboteurs and illness, Paul Zelizer on his Money Matrix, Alina Frank and her husband Craig Weiner on relationships. The First Annual Canada Tappers Gathering, October 2nd 2010 in beautiful British Columbia. Get a taste of what’s in store. We’ll be taking your questions …Read More

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Tap Your Way Up The Ladder of Believing

EFT doesn’t work for me. My life won’t change. I don’t know if things will ever get better. When life goes off course it can be difficult to maintain the attitude and energy needed to get back on course. As we encounter unplanned detours things can escalate and eventually roadblocks may go up. During these …Read More

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