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Top 5 Tips For Keeping the Passion Hot using EFT

Join Alina along with her husband and fellow EFT er Dr. Craig Weineras they share their top 5 tips for keeping the passion alive using EFT. Love Tap with Alina – Want more joy, more passion, more connection, and yes… more sex? Relationship, Sex, and Intimacy and top tapper Alina Frank along with her guests …Read More

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Getting Out of The Land of Stuck

I call it “The Land of Stuck“. Are you a visitor or a permanent resident?You know what to do; you have a pretty good idea of what the next steps are. But for some reason, you just don’t take them. You are in the proverbial “stuck” mode – I call it, “The Land of Stuck.” …Read More

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Living Energy Day

Have you ever wanted to tell your friends and family about the amazing benefits of energy healing? Whether it is tapping, Quantum Touch, Reiki, or any of the other great techniques out there, it can be confusing to the uninitiated.Well, I’m part of a crazy event called Living Energy Day designed to draw attention to …Read More

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Sacred Partners: Real Love, Real Life

Live Sacred Partners: Real Life, Real Love, Authentic Purpose! Join top rated tapper and host Alina Frank as interviews Kaariina Natalie Saarinen on the ending of cycles, ending of male dominance and return to the Divine Feminine. Much is being stimulated at this time on the planet so it is vital to have effective Tools …Read More

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Are You Playing Your Sport From a Place of Joy or Fear?

Have you lost the joy of playing your sport? Has it become work to perform? Are you pressing, dreading, or feeling anxious about performing? Are you playing from a place of joy or a place of fear and misery? You most likely started playing your sport as a child and the only reason you played …Read More

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Create Your Vision Action Plan

I like to say that “Law of Attraction is nothing without action.” There is no magic Genie in a bottle and we are human. Not to under-estimate our power to attract, because the human mind is extraodinary, but it’s not always easy to turn our faith dial up to the 100% mark 100% of the …Read More

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Passionate About EFT Podcast – EFT and Sacred Space

Monday June 7 – noon EDT. Our topic on the Passionate About EFT podcast is “Sacred Space.” Join us to learn about creating a safe healing space for yourself or your clients during an EFT session. There are many ways you can intentionally use sacred space with tapping. Lynne Shaner and Betty Moore-Hafter will guide …Read More

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