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10. Part 4. Two Girls Chat-Tap… JEALOUSY ” It’s Just Not Fair”

Welcome! I’m Sallyanne Stone – Jealousy … do you find that the Green-Eyed Monster can jump out from nowhere and you find yourself thinking … where did that come from? It’s not fun to play the ‘comparing yourself’ game. This is Part 4. of my chat about tapping and EFT with Jacki. Can you tap ( EFT) away Jealousy?

Jacki and I chat and ‘tap away’ at jealousy, envy and then discover what’s underneath. It is ALWAYS what’s underneath that is important. We touch upon the themes for Jacki … but respecting her privacy and our time limits we didn’t go to the core themes that are there for all of us – family and hurt from childhood. You could ask yourself – how did my childhood experiences around family, money, love, rejection and safety lead to jealousy themes for me?

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Who is Sallyanne Stone? Sallyanne has over 25 years experience as a psychologist and career consultant – innovator and workshop creator. She enjoys ‘doin it differently’ and brings cutting-edge tools to the crusty, hard old worlds of business and career development. For more information go to and you can sign up for Sallyanne’s value-packed Happier Business Checklist and free video series. You deserve a GREAT job – and business life … and … there’s an ART to it.

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Sallyanne’s passion for helping people builds on her professional training and thousands of hours working in career coaching and consulting privately as a Psychologist. A client of Sallyanne’s once suggested that she ’bottle up’ her knowledge and share her skills further afield, hence Sallyanne now brings her many years of expertise to entrepreneurs and career-minded job seekers. If you want to Flip Your Working Life from ‘stuck’ into Positive Mode – FAST – go to and pick up your FREE Happier Business 3 Part Video Program.

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