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Judy Wolvington EFT Radio

Tapping Into Your Authentic Power

Do you find yourself feeling drained and exhausted, filled with resentment and anger? That’s what it’s like when we are giving our power away. We’re living from our False Self, which is based 100% in FEAR. And the truth is it doesn’t feel good. There’s no joy, peace, or happiness in living from a platform […]

Austin Wyse & Jo Phillips

How Tapping Works with The Electrical Body

Have you ever considered the idea that understanding how something works, allows us to connect more deeply with it? In this episode of ‘I Am Healing’, Austin offers his perspective on how tapping works, calling on his knowledge of electrical engineering he draws stark comparisons between the electrical language of the human body (in particular […]

Eloisa Ramos EFT tapping ACIM

The Ramos Clearing Technique

In the depth of our heart we all desire perfect happiness. But why is it that our decisions and the experiences they manifest are often filled with pain and suffering? Could it be that our choices are being directed by past unconscious learning that includes beliefs about what we are that are false? It is […]

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