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Dr. Anne Merkel Autoimmune Relief

Clearing ACES or Adverse Childhood Experiences that Cause Disease

In the 1990’s the CDC and Kaiser-Permanente undertook a major study of thousands of individuals looking at the correlations between early childhood traumas or ACES / Adverse Childhood Experiences and potential onset of degenerative disease as well as early mortality. Dr. Anne Merkel shares a short segment by nutritionist Niki Gatrix from Dr. Mercola’s “Diet […]

Helen McConnell on EFT Radio

Why Don’t We Like to Talk About Trauma?

In this episode (part 2 in the Let’s Talk Trauma Series), host Helen McConnell talks about why we don’t like to talk about trauma, and why we don’t like to tap on trauma. She gives you some detailed symptoms to help you recognize trauma in yourself or others and gives some tips about what you […]

Dr. Anne Merkel Autoimmune Relief

EFT Specialization G – Putting it ALL Together!

Dr. Anne Merkel was a practitioner of NET / Neuro-Emotional Technique prior to “meeting” EFT / Emotional Freedom Techniques. Happy to find a tool she could teach to her clients, she integrated NET and EFT to create N-hanced EFT in order to clear more aspects of an issue during one session. This show pulls together […]

Mary Ayers EFT Tappling

What To Do If You Struggle With Saying ‘No’

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you said ‘yes’ and you really wanted to say ‘no’ – then this is the show for you! On this show with Dr. Mary Ayers, she’ll show you how to tap for the uncomfortable feelings that come up just thinking about saying ‘no’ and…and here’s the real […]

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