• Judy Wolvington, Karen Donaldson
  • Helen McConnell, Stephenie Farrell
Dr. Anne Merkel Autoimmune Relief

Is What You Ingest Your Medicine or Your Poison?

Dr. Anne Merkel is a Natural Medicine Detective and will guide you to identify potential causes of your symptoms – both emotional and physical. In this show she will list many of the toxins in our modern environment that might be making you sick without your knowledge. Anything that you ingest through your senses, your […]


Is Self-Judgment Impeding Your Progress?

If you’ve tapped on something many times and you feel stuck, it could be that self-judgement is impeding your progress. What if self-judgment is keeping you from breakthrough? Marti Murphy’s greatest passion is to awaken people to their hidden power to liberate their life and help them move from a state of survival to a […]

Dr. Peta Stapleton

11. Dr Peta Stapleton: Yo-Yo Dieter? Willpower is not Needed

Hello there! Lets say No More Yo-Yo! In this podcast Dr Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor from Bond University in Australia shares her research on the effectiveness of tapping/EFT for Food Cravings and Emotional Eating. We chat in this interview about: Food Cravings, Cutting Edge EFT Research Findings, the ‘Wake-Up Call’, Willpower, The 5 Love Languages […]

Dr. Anne Merkel Autoimmune Relief

EFT Tapping to Learn Your “Body Talk”

This show is a follow-up to the the previous and is all “hands on”… to connect what you learned before with what your body would like to teach you. Dr. Anne Merkel has been working with chronically ill clients for several decades and she will guide you to connect on a subconscious level with your […]

Dr. Anne Merkel Autoimmune Relief

Learning to Understand “Body Talk”

Your body doesn’t know how to be sick, but is programmed to re-balance to survive and thrive. Whenever it is out of balance it sends signals to you via symptoms or reactions, and it is your responsibility to get to know your unique body and it’s unique language in order to treat it. EFT is […]

Mary Ayers EFT Tappling

The Power Behind The ‘Miracle Question’ and How It Will Change Your Life

Here’s the good news….you could be one question away from accelerating your personal transformation and manifestation. And here’s the great news….just asking yourself the question starts the ball rolling! Join Dr. Mary Ayers on this show and let the acceleration begin! Dr. Mary Ayers brings with her over 30 years as an accomplished Licensed Therapist, […]

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