Strategy Sessions Part 3: Overcoming Objections

Judy Wolvington EFT Radio

During our past 2 shows we discussed ways that you can invite potential clients into a Strategy Session with you. It’s a very heartfelt conversation in which you explore where they are stuck, and help them create a vision for what they’d like instead. From there, if it’s a fit, you can then offer your …Read More

What’s Interpersonal Neurobiology Got to Do with the Success of Your EFT Business?

Craig Weiner & Alina frank

What Does Interpersonal Neurobiology Have to Do with the success or failure of your practice? Before you even answer the phone, before you answer that email and before you have your first consult, interpersonal neurobiology is at play with how your potential clients perceive you and whether they will follow up and buy from you. …Read More

Balance Your Sacral Chakra to Find Your Bliss and Release the Weight

Karen Donladson weight loss

Your sacral chakra helps you experience pleasure both physical and emotional pleasure. As a valuable teacher,it can guide towards things that bring pleasure and away from things that cause you pain. An open sacral chakra gives you the ability to experience pleasure and helps you to nurture your sense of abundance, happiness, and well-being. You …Read More

The Agony of Debt – How to See it Differently

Marti Murphy Career Coach

Do You Agonize Over Debt? Are You Filled with When You Look at Your Debt? Join me for an interview with my colleague and friend, Money Flow Expert, Heidi Garis. We’ll be tapping into our attitude about debt and the agony we can carry. Heidi Garis is a Success & Abundance Coach who works with …Read More

The 7 Stages to Manifesting Your SoulMate

“For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke How many hours a week do you spend preparing for love? You probably spend more time checking Facebook …Read More

Be the Change: Expand EFT and Create Your Own Technique!

Annabel Fisher

During an EFT session, do you feel inspired to incorporate other skills and techniques? What are the results? Perhaps you’ve wanted to develop your own technique but lacked the confidence, or doubted what you have to offer. Join Annabel and her guest, the creator of Quantum EFT, Jenny Johnston, as they discuss how to get …Read More

What is Salvation? Lessons 231-240 of A Course in Miracles

Eloisa Ramos EFT tapping ACIM

What does salvation mean? What would we need to be saved from? A Course in Miracles teaches that “Salvation is undoing in the sense that it does nothing, failing to support the world of dreams and malice. Thus it lets illusions go.” It is a promise given to us by our Creator that we would …Read More

How To: Step Into The Feeling You Want To Have

Mary Ayers EFT Tappling

Some of the great manifesting teachers tell us that we have to “feel abundant now” in order to manifest our success and have the life we’re looking for. But HOW do you get that feeling now…especially if we’ve never had it before? You’ll be surprised how simple it can be do have that feeling now! …Read More

Strategy Sessions Part 2: The Enrollment Conversation that gets to YES

Judy Wolvington EFT Radio

Welcome to Part 2! On our last show we went over the “Invitation”, what to say to someone when you would like to invite them to a conversation about working with you. If you missed it, you can listen to Part 1 here. This week we are going to be talking about the Strategy Session itself: How …Read More

You Don’t have to Be a Rockstar to Succeed; Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

Craig Weiner & Alina frank

You Don’t have to Be a Rockstar to Succeed; The Fear of Putting Yourself “Out There” Alina and Craig often hear this question from their EFT MBA business coaching students…”Do I really have to be a rock star to succeeded in my EFT practice?” Our answer will surprise you…tune in to find out how this …Read More