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  • Judy Wolvington, Karen Donaldson
Judy Wolvington on EFT Radio

Let Go of Your Story and Take Back Your Power!

Healing from your past is life-changing. Our stories about why things are the way they are in life date back to early childhood experiences. The painful experiences are over, and yet the stories live on. Our stories have the power to become our “truth” if we allow it. We may even find ourselves reinforcing them, […]

Marti Murphy Career Coach

Practicing Abundance

Join host Marti Murphy for a free gift offering for creating the consciousness of abundance so that you can create what you desire in your life. To claim your powerful free gift: Practicing Abundance Listen through your computer with the audio player below.  (if the audio player is not displaying below, please refresh your screen) […]

Helen McConnell on EFT Radio

What’s Holding You Back from Moving to the Next Level? Maybe It’s Your Stuff!

What’s Bugging You? Let’s Fix It with EFT:” “Tapping on everyday irritations to clear lifelong issues.” Have you ever wondered why you might want to work with an EFT/Tapping Coach, when you can use Tapping on yourself? In this episode, host Helen McConnell talks and taps with Somer Crandall, health and wellness specialist about what’s […]

Stephenie Farrell on EFT Radio

The Ties That Bind: Cutting Energy Ties with EFT

Have you ever stopped to think about how other people’s energy affects you? Do you often feel tired after spending time with a friend or relative that is depressed or needy? Are you sensitive to other people’s moods? How do people’s moods affect you? We’re all connected energetically to the people we interact with, it’s […]

Sandy Alemian

Have you had enough of trying to make it all work by yourself? – Sweet Surrender

Have you had enough of trying to make it all work by yourself? Join Host Marti Murphy for an Interview with Sandy Alemian as you talk about her upcoming program Sweet Surrender – 6 months of Awakening to Divine Magic and Miracles. Sandy Alemian (pronounced Ah-LEE-me-in) is a Spirit Medium, Life Coach, and Miracle Warrior. […]

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